The Spoiler Awards – Signing of the Season

Hernandez was heartbroken by our harsh decision to snub him

Javier Hernandez

Some pundits will tell you that Javier Hernandez is not only the signing of the season but of the entire century, however we’re going to try to make a case for somebody else, more so to avoid [...]

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A new addition to the canon

Ray Wilkins’ Real Madrid v Spurs commentary – in book form!

Coming soon…


There have been some pretty good books written down the years – Crime and Punishment is the best 700 pages you’ll ever read about someone getting tw*tted with a hammer, while Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals is a revolutionary approach to cooking good food fast.

However, should someone choose [...]

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Bad Tidings

Cross Chelsea honchos at your peril, realises Ray Wilkins

Wilkins – taking action

Ray Wilkins

On being appointed chief executive at Chelsea last year, Ron Gourlay uttered these now-chilling words:

“We have a fantastic team both on and off the field and those teams can move us on to even greater success in the future.”

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Had enough news

Is Carlo Ancelotti now the male equivalent of a broken woman?

Ancelotti – you go girl!

Carlo Ancelotti 

Were you to look up the Italian translation of the word “doormat” online, the big surprise is that it isn’t “ancelotti”, but instead the rather poetic sounding “zerbino”.

All of which leads totally seamlessly to the Italian’s torrid fortnight at Chelsea, which has [...]

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Chelsea sack assistant manager Ray Wilkins at half-time

Blues icon booted midway through ressies match


Long-serving Chelsea man Uncle Fester Ray Wilkins was released from his position as assistant manager ‘with immediate effect’ yesterday – while he was in the middle of watching a reserve game against Bayern Munich.

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Language Barrier

If Ancelotti’s speaking in Italian, for heaven’s sake, run!

Ancelotti – not always this cheerful

Carlo Ancelotti

It must be hard being a new manager on foreign soil. To put it in perspective, simply picture yourself landing an office job where you’re in charge of around a hundred people. Only not one of them understands you, and [...]

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