WAG of the Day

WAG No. 372: Estelle Denis

The First Lady of French football

Shortly after he guided the France to last place in Group C and a humiliating early exit from Euro 2008, national team manager Raymond Domenech performed a spectacularly mistimed marriage proposal live during a press conference. The focus of his request was Estelle [...]

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Le Frenchman

Unwind a la Raymond Domenech mode

Frenchman holds head high in Paris


It’s hard to know how to get over a bitter blow to the heart. Some people head silently to a nearby field to weep undisturbed into the night, pausing only to punch the ground and shout “why” over and over again at the [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Video: France/ Italy and Netherlands/ Romania highlights

French find themselves up baguette creek without a croissant

France/ Italy highlights

After Franck Ribery dropped to the ground in agony, clutching those around him as if he were frantically uttering his final words, the Italians were destined to control last night’s Group B match. Still, France [...]

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Paranoid much?

French manager fears a Group of Death conspiracy

Raymond Domenech subscribes to chickendinner‘s theory

Raymond Domenech

France boss Raymond Domenech has started to crack under the pressure of being pretty rubbish, and has admitted he fears Holland will conspire to cost Italy and France a place in the next round.

Holland have been cleared to [...]

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