Ungratefulness at its best

Walk away Jose, Real Madrid will soon realise their loss

The phrase complaining like a spoilt child springs to mind


Football fans never cease to amaze me.

I mean what more could Real Madrid supporters want? Five points clear at the top of La Liga and more goals that any club ever in the first half of a La Liga season.

There must be 99 per cent of football fans who would give their right [...]

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Is Jose Mourinho about to be foiled by his own excellence?

The Special One could turn up at Old Trafford before his seat is free


Jose Mourinho doesn’t do continuity. Instead, he has an almost fail-proof formula for progressing his managerial career: arrive at a club, make them absolutely brilliant and then sod off before it all goes wrong.

The only time he disobeyed it was at Chelsea, their constant near misses in Europe becoming an obsession as he hoped [...]

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Spoiler Champions League wish list: Arsenal v Napoli and more!

If The Spoiler did Champions League draws...


The unnecessarily complex guides to how it all works, the use of two-minute video packages where five seconds of oral explanation would suffice and the unappreciated charm of draw master Gianni Infantino: The Spoiler loves nothing more than a UEFA draw.

To get the hype started early for Friday’s Champions League ball-grabbing festivities, here’s who [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Match of the Season



Now that all the proper football has finished and we’re left with a summer of reading how Cesc Fabregas will be off to Barcelona any minute and that Man City have bid £3.2billion for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, The Spoiler thought it would be a good time to have a [...]

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