Smooth Criminals

Real Madrid Two get sent off ON PURPOSE!

“Ramos needs to get sent off, pass it on…”

Ramos sending off

(Image via Marca)

With Real Madrid already through to the knockout stages, it seems that Alonso and Ramos thought it wise to avoid missing any of the more trying matches by accidentally-on-purpose taking ages over [...]

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A tribute

8 memorable David Beckham England moments

Yeah, seeya!

David Beckham 

In many ways, Capello’s rather tactless handling of the Beckham situation has done the metrosexual one a favour. After all, look at the options – it’s either this, or Beckham trundling about the pitch clutching his back like an international football tribute to the [...]

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Business/Pleasure News

Clattenburg blinded by hatred of Bellamy… maybe

“Oh, just go away!”

Craig Bellamy

Somehow – and this really is a miracle, by the way - Mark Clattenburg managed to transform Craig Bellamy into a sympathy figure over the weekend, when he issued a red card for “diving”. Most would agree that the Welshman is many things, but a diver he is [...]

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Seeing Red

Video: MLS keeper has a moment of madness

Josh Wick’s boots were made for stomping

Congratulations to Seattle Sounders FC, who last night proved to the world that a competition called the US Open Cup exists by [...]

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Pretend Punishment

Video: Ronaldinho gets a fake red card

Referee suffers temporary bout of colour blindness

Having lost all three of their matches in the Americaland World Football Challenge, including a 2-0 defeat at the hands of [...]

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