Official Scandal

Premier League referee claims players get booked on purpose

Men who play football for a couple of hours a day cheat to avoid grueling schedule

Steve Bennett

Just before Christmas, John Terry put in a studs-up challenge that saw him dismissed from Goodison Park. The ban meant the Chelsea defender was able to spend Christmas at home [...]

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Bad behaviour

Nineteen players sent off in Spanish match!

If you thought English referees were trigger happy…

If our knowledge of the FIFA rulebook is accurate, a match is abandoned if a team has less than eight players remaining on the field. Two lowly Spanish sides, however, recently threw caution (and punches) to the wind by having nineteen players cumulatively sent off on matchday.


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Record Breaker

English striker earns fastest red card of all time

Chippenham Town forward sees red after three seconds

David Pratt, an aptly named striker with British Gas Business Premier team Chippenham Town has received the dubious honour of the world’s fastest sending off. His studs-up lunge against a Bashley player on Saturday earned him a red after just three seconds:

“The world record [...]

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Christmas Conspiracy

Did John Terry get sent off on purpose?

Did JT fancy Christmas with the wife and kids?

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In years gone by, certain players in lower leagues have privately admitted that they have had themselves dismissed to avoid training or travelling on Christmas [...]

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Premier League Highlights

Video: John Terry’s sending off at Goodison Park

Something interesting happens in woefully dull game

[Unless you're really bored, skip to 1.06 in the video]

While Manchester Utd have been out of town winning an extremely important giant golden Toyota key, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal [...]

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