The Big Question

Who will win the big Spurs vs Man City clash?

Clash of the Titans… in a way

Redknapp and Mancini 

Finally, the boring waiting room interlude between the end of the World Cup and the beginning of the new Premier League season is over. Well done – you made it.

Now to the important business of actual football matches. [...]

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Transfer Talk

Henry Redknapp may or may not keep Robbie Keane…

“Stick around for a bit… if you like… perhaps”

Redknapp and Keane 

In the precise football equivalent of city boys staring up at a clock waiting for the big hand to hit the hour so that they can go bonkers and begin shouting hysterically at one another, the [...]

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Goal celebration poll

Harry Redknapp defends Emmanuel Adebayor

The big debate: Treat those who paid for your house with decency or antagonise them?

Adebayor Celebrates

Tough one. Harry Redknapp knows the answer though. Writing in today’s Sun (available online for those who have dramatically ripped up their copy already,) big H makes it clear where he stands. [...]

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