Angry footballer attempts to strangle the ref

Paraguayan footballer Jose Pedrozo gets cross

It’s not easy being a ref, especially when a player attempts a WWE “sleeper hold” to stop you from producing a red card. [...]

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Pots/Black Kettles

Man United players behaving like “typical Germans”!

Oh, that is so German!

Man United 

Of course, much has been made of Sir Alex Ferguson’s rather ill-judged comments about our German brothers and sisters after last night’s European collapse.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the emotional Scotsman said this:

“Typical Germans. He’s young and inexperienced but [...]

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Naughty Keeper News

Video: Swedish goalkeeper moves the goalposts

Some terribly crafty cheating from Scandinavia

The recent Swedish Allsvenskan tie between IFK Gothenburg and Orebro had to be halted after twenty minutes of play, when the referee discovered [...]

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Official Issues

Referee accused of encouraging Millwall striker during game

Darren Deadman accidentally proclaims admiration for Neil Harris

Darren Deadman

It’s amazing that most Millwall fans are able to walk on account of the huge chip they carry on their collective shoulders, but the club with the mantra “No one likes us and we don’t care” appear to have [...]

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Official Error

Keith Hackett apologises for Crystal Palace phantom goal

Referees’ chief is sorry for really crappy refereeing

Striker Freddie Sears believed he had secured his first goal for Crystal Palace at the weekend, but was denied by referee Rob Shoebridge. Unlike every single other person at Ashton Gate, he [...]

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