Going Nowehere

No, Sir Alex Ferguson won’t be retiring, thanks very much!

Ferguson – fit as a fiddle

Sir Alex Ferguson

Here’s a very short list of three for you: Sid James, Tommy Cooper, Eric Morcambe. Who knows what they all have in common? Funny? Yes, two of them were. Glasses? Well that’s just Eric Morcambe isn’t it? No, the [...]

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Retirement Update

Alright, chillax everyone, Neville might not be retiring

Neville – could actually stay for a bit

Ferguson and Neville

If you were hiking through the snows in Manchester yesterday, wearing a snug pair of silver moon boots, you might have heard the faint sounds of sobbing coming from inside pubs and from behind wheelie bins. News [...]

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Career Path update

Patrice Evra reveals his post-retirement plans

Manchester Utd star wants to do it for the kids

Patrice Evra

With the obvious exception of those who are destined to spurt hideous cliches on the pundit’s sofa, very few professional footballers consider the future beyond their relatively short careers. Patrice Evra, however, has got it all figured [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Which Big Four manager will leave first?

Benitez and grant lead the P45 pack

Avram Grant

As a Lampard-less Chelsea gifted two points to Wigan (and left my Betfair account emptier than Ashley Cole’s sense of morality), Avram Grant looked to be a man with far too much on his plate. Nipping on his heels as [...]

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