Pick your Chelsea team to finish the job against Liverpool

Chelsea/Liverpool, Champions League QF 2nd leg, 7.45pm, ITV1

It looks like Guus Hiddink may stick with the team that started the first-leg besides bringing in Ricardo Carvalho for suspended captain John Terry. That strategy makes sense but with Liverpool likely to go on the offensive, The Spoiler would make a slightly defensive tweak by bringing [...]

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Half Decent Footballers

The ‘Big Four’ XI

Is this the best team in the Premier League?

Rio Ferdinand

Make no mistake, friends, the ‘Big Four’ are so-called because they’re brilliant. So brilliant that were you to merge them all together to create a “best of” team, some huge names would fall by the wayside. We are, [...]

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So tired

Premier League: Old Man XI

WARNING! Some of these men are old enough to be your brother…


At 66-years-old, Sir Alex Ferguson still knows how to ruffle some feathers and get some backs up. Just this morning he studied the horizon to make sure Scholes and Giggs were out of earshot, [...]

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