Something about

talkSPORT surprise no-one by signing Richard Keys and Andy Gray

Something about ‘having a face for the radio’


Work Christmas parties are never that much fun at the best of times. The evening is spent chatting to some bloke who you sort of know, drinking warm beer and slowly dying inside as you look around your beige office wondering [...]

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Betting information

Make money out of someone else’s pain!

It’s sad it’s come to this, isn’t it? Andy Gray is “devastated to lose the job [he] loves,” while Richard Keys admitted: “Going forward without Andy would have been almost impossible.”

BUT NEVER MIND! Lets make some money out of it! Here’s what our handsome friends at Ladbrokes have to say about who’s in [...]

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A Poll!

So, what do you make of the whole Keys and Gray thing?

“Yea, I’d definitely smash Lorraine.”


Just when Richard Keys thought things couldn’t get any worse, he goes and gets himself backed by JEREMY CLARKSON. Oh, dear.

After running over some squirrels in a ‘car’, Clarkson had this to say:

“We’ve arrived at a stage where you actually can [...]

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things are getting strange...

Richard Keys: “Dark forces are at work”

A totally unrelated picture of Rupert Murdoch


Richard Keys – who is sounding increasingly like a chubby Fox Mulder – has been on talkSPORT saying ‘sorry’ over and over again. Rather more interestingly he also said this…

“There are dark forces at work”

Keys was eventually pressed on [...]

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He wasn't that bad, was he?

Andy Gray – A Tribute

Caption competiton, anyone?


After a long, hard night staring into the bottom of a whiskey glass, listening to Blood on the Tracks and wondering how it all came to this, The Spoiler reached an epiphany at around four o’clock this morning…

Let’s remember the good times, shall we? From [...]

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bloody hell!

OMG! Sexist Andy Gray has been sacked by Sky!

We definitely wouldn’t


There’s nothing The Spoiler likes more than a bit of breaking news right at the end of a working day – and we’ve gone and got ourselves a MASSIVE one today!


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transfer talk

Both Chelsea and Arsenal set to finally get their men



As is befitting of their crime, Andy Gray and Richard Keys have reportedly been given the night off work to spend time looking long and hard into a mirror, continually reassessing their views on beautiful, strong, independent women. Women who HAVE JOBS. With a bit of luck, this soul [...]

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