The Big Question

Have Richard Keys and Andy Gray got a point about Walcott?

Walcott – hurt

Theo Walcott 

In a cruel example of technology striking back - showing the world who’s really in charge - both Richard Keys and Andy Gray have been rumbled slagging off Theo Walcott, when they thought that their mics were off.

In the words of Mr Keys:

“You’ve been shite, [...]

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Video: Richard Keys swears on live television

Anchorman drops the F-bomb on our antipodean friends

While preparing a link for Sky Sports’ Australian equivalent Fox Sports, clean cut commentator Richard Keys done a very naughty word. Unfortunately for him, his [...]

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Fabio Capello Madness

Fabio Capello forces hairy England stars into the salon


Potential new England gaffer prefers the ‘smooth’ look

Slightly-eccentric-right-wing manager Fabio Capelli added to his huge stockpile of hilarious quotes in The Sun today:

“When a gentleman crosses his legs and the trouser leg rides up to show hairy shins, it offends my eyes. It’s like

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