cyber bullying

Rio Ferdinand gets arsey with Mirror journalist over old stuff

Fair point… 

riowayneashley.jpg There’s nothing like watching two brilliant minds disagreeing on an important matter and debating the intricacies in an intelligent and lucid way – it makes you jealous and inspired at exactly the same time. It’s great.

Occasionally though, it’s just as good to watch two White [...]

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Twit chat

Sir Alex Ferguson wants Wayne Rooney et al to abandon Twitter

“Know any good books, boss?”


The Spoiler was slow on the uptake when it came to Twitter. ‘Who cares what Kerry Katona has had for breakfast?’ We said. However, after dipping our toe tentatively in the water, we’re now big fans of the Twitter – we get news well [...]

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Loveable rogue news

The Spoiler’s Mario Balotelli gets in more trouble – excellent!

Mazza gets the caption treatment


The Spoiler’s first love was pretty mean to us. She kicked us really hard right in the knackers once and ended up kissing our best friend at a 10th birthday party in a swimming pool – flagrantly ignoring the ‘no petting’ sign while she [...]

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Aye, aye, Skipper

Nobody has a problem with John Terry as England captain

Nothing untoward…


We’ve resisted talking about this so far because, well, it’s about as exciting as watching a tin of beige paint evaporate. But John Terry has made things vaguely interesting by finally speaking about all the hoo-ha surrounding the England captaincy.

Apparently everyone is thrilled with the situation [...]

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Terror of tears

Some videos of football people weeping and wailing

He’s in it…


The Spoiler is feeling all emotional this Monday, but as we’re unable to find our copy of The Notebook, we’ve decided to reminisce about players and managers, past and present, who’ve shed salty tears of despair over The Beautiful Game.

Here are five of our favourite [...]

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Drugs test news

That’s one way to reduce the wage bill…

We’re saying nowt…


One thing’s for sure – Kolo Toure definitely hasn’t been slipped something by Manchester City in a massive conspiracy to reduce their wage bill and pull them in line with the upcoming UEFA regulations.

And while we’re at it, people need to stop those sarky comments [...]

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