Rio Ferdinand still haunted by having to clean manky boots

“Now go home and get your f**king shine box!


Gazza did Keegan, Beckham did Bryan Robson, McManaman Barnes, and Lampard took care of Julian Dicks. Unfortunately, we speak not of secret sexual favours, but the lost art of cleaning football boots.

Rio Ferdinand is demanding a return to the [...]

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Rio Ferdinand adds a shoe designing string to his bow

Rio – makes fancy shoes

Rio Ferdinand 

Just when you thought that Rio Ferdinand’s talents had all been revealed, he throws another big handful of amazingness at you.

To date, he’s peaked as a professional footballer, wandered near-nakedly around a room barking half-anecdotes at a nerdy writer to encapsulate [...]

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Rio's Tweet

OMG! Are Man United asking Ferdinand to take a pay cut?

Really? THAT many question marks????


Fans of Twitter and Rio Ferdinand will probably know all about this already. But for the small minority that exists outside of that bracket, above is a “tweet” from Rio which he twatted (?) last night.

He’s either not very happy, or genuinely interested. [...]

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