Zoltan Gera and West Brom to gamble on reproducing magic

West Brom admit plans for reunion with Hungarian playmaker

Zoltan Gera

After weeks of tabloid tittle-tattle, West Brom have confirmed that they are in talks with former star Zoltan Gera about a Hawthorns comeback following the conclusion of his four-year affair with Fulham, but remarriages in football don’t always [...]

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transfer stuff

Neymar to Russia, half a dozen defenders to Arsenal and more…

Something’s missing…


When The Spoiler was a little whippersnapper we had a weird habit of studying the calendars of Premier League teams in the January sale and working out which players would be sold.

If a player was pictured in the January to May section they were getting flogged, [...]

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lots of opinions...

The one player every team in the Premier League should buy – Part I

Both of these lads should come…


Before anyone comes along and says:

“Surely the one player every team in the Premier League should buy would be Messi.”

…That ain’t an option. What we’ve actually gone and done is listed all the Premier League teams and decided on one player [...]

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transfer stuff

Martinez to Villa, Young to Man Utd and other stuff…

She just wants to have fun…


The transfer stuff has properly been kicking off during the past few days with silly money being spent on fairly promising young English players and the rumour mill spinning faster with each waking second.

In fact, it’s been so busy that we didn’t [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man United eye up Ashley Young, and other transfers…

Big night tonight. All over the country, shirts will be ironed, hair gelled and fashioned into a hot collection of clumps pointing in various different directions, and half of the planet will fall foul of drinking shots far too early. The rest of us will, of course, be sipping port and half-enjoying whichever former Comic [...]

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Is Robbie Keane going back to his roots at Wolves?

Striker may make cut-price move next month


Wolves are reportedly lining up a deal to bring arm-flapping former trainee Robbie Keane back to Molineux over a decade after he originally left the club.

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