Transfer Talk

Carvalho’s off to Real Madrid, plus Arsenal man to Spurs

Bezzie mates

Mourinho and Carvalho 

The only noise of note coming from Manchester today is the soft Welsh lilt of Craig Bellamy’s voice as he discusses his future with himself in the mirror – presumably in the manner of Ben Kingsley’s Don Logan in Sexy Beast.

“You gonna quit, [...]

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Transfer Talk

Henry Redknapp resorts to bartering for Ashley Young

Three players offered in exchange for this chap…

Ashley Young

In the olden days, before someone invented money from old bits of scrap paper, a glass of Ribena might cost you half a melon, and a Cheryl Cole would set you back either four Jordans, 27 Kerry Katonas, or the head of [...]

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Transfer Talk

Henry Redknapp may or may not keep Robbie Keane…

“Stick around for a bit… if you like… perhaps”

Redknapp and Keane 

In the precise football equivalent of city boys staring up at a clock waiting for the big hand to hit the hour so that they can go bonkers and begin shouting hysterically at one another, the [...]

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News in Brief

AC still want Becksie, Barca fancy Torres, and more…

Beckham shirt – still in stock

Beckham Shirt 

He’s had a rubbish few days has David Beckham. One minute he’s trotting around, daydreaming about the World Cup, the next he’s in a changing room, weeping in emotional agony because his Achilles Tendon isn’t what it used to be.

It’s [...]

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Greedy Child

Hang on, how many teams did young Robbie Keane support?

 Keane – big football fan

Robbie Keane

If you ever pluck up the courage, walk slowly to the back of a bus, and ask the group of terrifying youngsters – with their pot, and their homemade “shivs” – which football team they support.

One of two things will happen. [...]

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