deadline day

Transfer Window: Arsenal and Man City biding their time?

Ilan – “Hello West Ham!”


A rather terrifying calm has hit deadline day, in scenes not dissimilar to when city traders wait for the overhead clock arms to hit a certain hour, before erupting in a din of hysterical screaming and shouting, as bits of paper fly around the [...]

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Deadline Day

Go BONKERS, it’s Transfer Window Deadline Day!

Adam Johnson – City bound?

Adam Johnson

Right, to kick things off there are a few congratulations to get out of the way. Congratulations to Egypt for winning the Africa Cup of Nations. Congratulations to John Terry for managing to paint an even more abhorrent picture of himself than [...]

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The Big Question

Would Carew make a decent Spurs signing?

Subject of a Keane-plus-cash switcheroo, so they say

John Carew

Regardless of any decent intentions, Robbie Keane’s decision to get loaded with a bunch of Spurs players during a bogus golfing holiday looks to have rather put the kibosh on his time at White Hart Lane. The writing’s on [...]

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Big Trouble

Stand back everyone, Redknapp’s on the rampage!

Robbie Keane – going fishing?

Robbie Keane

Listen, right, when Harry Redknapp says there will be no Christmas this year, he means it. You know that. He knows that. Pretty much everyone knows that.

Unfortunately, sixteen Spurs players didn’t know that.

But they probably do now.

In light of [...]

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Transfer Talk

Lahm to City, Keane to Celtic, Carew to Turkey…

Take a good look, Wayne Bridge. Your new enemy

Philipp Lahm

Whilst the rest of the nation stares mindlessly at the office clock, willing Christmas to come early this year, hard working sports journalists have been working around the thing, desperately clawing at clues that might shed some light [...]

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Daily Democracy

Poll: Is Spurs’ bench better than Arsenal’s?

Like it really matters

Bring on Clive Allen

Robbie Keane knows a thing or two about the bench, having of course parked himself on one at Liverpool for six months. So when he talks about them, thespoiler listens.

Having realised trying to claim Spurs have [...]

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