England are playing! Channel your excitement with a prediction contest!

Five teasing questions, only one winner (unless there’s a tie…)

Scott Parker

The Spoiler can’t decide what’s worse: the thought of two practically football-free months, or the fact that the exception to such a barren period is an uninspiring England game at Wembley?

It should be the first, but [...]

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Quick, England need a World Cup scapegoat! But who?

This man perhaps?


And lo, England had a shocker against the Germans, and that’s it for another World Cup. Will the likes of JT, Lampo, Steven G, Jamesie and the Cole Sisters ever get to play on such a big stage again? Sod that, who should we [...]

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The Big Question

Should David James be Fabio’s Number One this summer?

Pictured with Henry Redknapp and a silver platter

James and Redknapp

It is a worry that England appear to be readying themselves for a World Cup without a clear vision as to who should go in goal. But if Petr Cech had anything to do with it, it’d [...]

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Sale now on!

Miss World, Mr Universe… it’s time to meet Mr West Ham!

Scott Parker, ladies and gentlemen!

Scott Parker

Possibly the most disturbing turn of phrase ever featured on Big Brother came in last year’s series, when one of the now forgotten inmates revealed that she wasn’t a “suck arse”. As conjured images go, it’s about as revolting as they come. [...]

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Video Highlights

Liverpool score two, Green’s shin scores one

Liverpool 3-0 West Ham

Those with Sky television that doesn’t have the option where you record stuff will have faced a conundrum last night: the Liverpool match? Or the marvelous mini series, Pacific? [...]

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World Cup Fever

Can you name your England World Cup squad yet?

Try your hand at being Capello…

Fabio Capello

Now that the season is entering its final stages, very soon a giant magnifying glass will turn onto the players who may or may not make the England squad for South Africa.

For some, it’s a race against time – [...]

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