Beckham scores from a corner, England lose rare shootout!

Three videos from an unexpectedly lively weekend of football

The lack of major European club football hasn’t halted the entertaining YouTube video output whatsoever, with the likes of David Beckham, Dani Alves and the England women’s football team nobly contributing to the cause.

Given that it was a Beckham-dominated weekend, in which he also [...]

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Little People

The Spoiler’s very tiny footballer XI

Including one of these chaps


If you think that height equates to success, then you are very wrong indeed. Look at Tom Cruise – he’s as small as a pigeon. Or Al Pacino – barely bigger than a packet of Embassy Filters (probably the dinkiest cigarette on the market). [...]

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not funny

Roberto Carlos doesn’t have a future in comedy, apparently

Story hilariously depicted using Photoshop wizardry

Robert Carlos

In the same way that you’d be hard pushed to find a Loose Women audience member who doesn’t occasionally pull over on the way to pick up the kids to weep hysterically and repeatedly thump the steering wheel - before pulling herself [...]

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Excellent XI

The Spoiler’s Team of the Decade

Did this man make it? Read on (CLUE: yes he did)


It’s hard to know how to correctly refer to the next decade – “the tens”? The “two thousand and tens”? The “teens”? No one honestly knows. Either way, below is a compiled list of the greatest players of [...]

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