Has Di Matteo been trapped into a loveless marriage by Chelsea?

The jobs have dried up leaving Italian with little choice but to stay


If The Spoiler looked good enough in a suit to sample Roberto Di Matteo’s shoes, we’d have darted from Stamford Bridge a fortnight or so after the Champions League final when they still couldn’t decide whether or not he was worthy of remaining in charge.

The Swi-talian’s loyalty to the club – or possibly just [...]

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AVB out, RDM in, Chelsea to hire a two-initialled manager in June

Is Spalletti the man to restore two-name normality at Chelsea?


Just hours passed between Chelsea firing up the Bunsen burner for the zany scientific experiment of putting cone distributor Roberto Di Matteo in charge until the summer and the previous promoters of such a strategy, Wolves, being thumped 5-0 round the corner.

Luckily for RDM, as he will surely be labelled within a week – [...]

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Is the grass greener?

Why Warnock leaving wouldn’t help QPR survive

QPR should stick with the man who got them promotion…


While fans of most are crying out for big signings and big spending this summer, QPR fans will just be hoping that Neil Warnock stays to lead them into the Premier League.

Last season, newly-promoted sides Newcastle United [...]

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Why Chelsea were right to go young with Roberto Di Matteo

33-year-old boss + 41-year old no.2 = disaster? Don’t be so sure…

Title-winning assistant managers in Europe

The reaction to Andre Villas Boas’ decision to hire an assistant only eight years older than his 33-year-old self in Roberto Di Matteo has been one of shock that [...]

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The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Chelsea team of the Millennium

Tall one’s Flo. Little one at the back – Wise.


With the “noughties”, or “noughts”, quickly fading, The Spoiler thought it about time that someone paid tribute to some of the football teams that first trotted out on to the pitch at the dawn of the new Millennium.

Today, [...]

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