Mystic Mancini dusts his magic 8 ball off for the Euro 2012 semis

Man City boss has joyous news for the people of Italy and Portugal


Roberto Mancini was easily the most entertaining man in the Premier League over the final two months of the season (yes, even flying clear of Mario Balotelli) as he brought out a box of mind games that this country had never seen before.

Little did we ignorant Brits know that in addition to the tried-and-tested [...]

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Miming Manchester City boss provokes outrage at Wigan

Would never have happened in the days of Chapman, Paisley, etc...


You can usually rely on any Spoiler opinion piece to be greeted with accusations of bias. What is rarer is to read an admission of guilt right off the bat, so let’s mix things up by admitting right here, right now that Roberto Mancini is probably my favourite Premier League boss.

Wow, so this is [...]

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Don’t rush home – first half hour of Man City game won’t be great

Make money on Tuesday night by betting on a goalless first 30 mins


According to our calendar, squeaky bum time is still two or three months away, but Manchester City are already starting to fidget rather awkwardly.

Having scored three or more goals in 12 of their 17 league games before Christmas, there has been no stuffing in sight since.

Indeed, West Brom and Sunderland were as undaunted [...]

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The Spoiler’s Summer Awards – Part Two

Aurelio De Laurentiis and Gokhan Inler

The star turn of the summer, joined by his new glamour signing…

There’s adulation for a Serie A club’s president, criticism of Arsenal’s impatient fans and Lyon’s lack of transfer activity in the second part of our pre-season review…

Most Entertaining Off-field Personality – Aurelio De Laurentiis Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov made a late bid [...]

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The Spoiler’s Summer Awards – Part One

And the award for most unnecessary caps in a headline goes to…

Joey Barton and Cesc Fabregas

Apologies once again for the lack of activity on The Spoiler this summer. To compensate – or punish further, depending on your view – we’ve crammed about seven stories [...]

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Mario Balotelli produces his best form in Los Angeles

Balotelli’s 31-minute masterclass in mocking opponents, rowing with his manager, storming off and entertaining neutrals

Mario Balotelli again provided proof of the adage that when he’s around, good things [...]

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Darling, you've got to let me know...

As of a little while ago Carlos Tevez wants to leave Man City



Remember last summer? It was all set to be a bloody brilliant couple of months – England had a great manager and a good team and all was looking good in the world. So it was a rather large disappointment when England were absolutely w*nk at the World [...]

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The Manchester All-Star team to take on the world!

Blue + Red = Purple, right?


Hey! Manchester is a vibrant modern city – there’s something for everyone! There’s over five Greggs bakeries! There’s a cinema! There’s even a big shopping centre with Topshop AND Zara!

However, there is one problem with this thriving metropolis – there isn’t a [...]

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