Mancini tells Tevez ‘go f**k your mother’ in dressing row

Pair clash at half-time during Newcastle game


Roberto Mancini and Carlos Tevez had to be dragged apart by their Manchester City teammates at half-time during the match against Newcastle on Sunday, after getting into a stand-up row over the manager’s ‘negative’ tactics.

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Manchester City tried to sign AC Milan’s Marco Borriello

Striker’s agent reveals Bob Mancini was in contact


Italian striker Marco Borriello‘s agent has told press his client could have gone the other way in AC Milan‘s deal to take Robinho from Manchester City, were it not for Karim Benzema and Real Madrid.

Of course, he could just be [...]

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Transfer Talk

If Tevez doesn’t like it he can sod off, suggests Mancini

“Door’s that way, love”

Mancini and Tevez 

In political terms, the world of football closest in type to classic socialism. Everyone wears the same outfit, united in the one common goal, and no man is bigger than the club. Of course, you can then throw in the varying [...]

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Man Wants Out

Well, it’s official, Craig Bellamy hates Roberto Mancini

“… and then you get this train, going to Seven Sisters…”

Bellamy and Mancini

Not so much football’s Marmite, Craig Bellamy is more like football’s stilton - some think of him as an absolute treat, but most would probably rather not, thanks. He’s just so angry all of the time.

As it happens, The Spoiler [...]

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