The Big Question

Have Man City now got fourth place in the bag?

Mission accomplished?

Roberto Mancini

It’s been a topsy-turvy season, make no mistake about that, and a hunch suggests that there might yet be a Sixth Sense/Usual Suspects style twist in this one’s tail.

Whatever happens, as things stand it looks like Chelsea’s to lose, and the fourth spot [...]

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News in brief

Aaron Lennon’s feeling better, Mancini’s staying put…

Lennon – back on the plane?

Aaron Lennon

Fans of romantic things will presumably be wiping their tears away with fallen rose petals today, with the terrible news that Lenny Henry and Dawn French are getting divorced. Did she tire of his hilarious jokes? Was his Theophilus P. Wildebeest [...]

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The fallout from the Battle of Eastlands continues

Tear-up amongst the Prawn Sandwich Brigade


Man City‘s chief agitator and top mentalist, chief executive Garry Cook, is once again in the centre of a media shit-storm after this morning’s revelations the club’s Wednesday night clash with Everton was even more tasty than first thought.

While Moyes [...]

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Fight alert! Cool guy Mancini finally flips out!

Heeey, chillax guys!

Mancini and Moyes

The big problem that cool people face is that once they’ve made themselves a reputation for being cool, they have to maintain it. Take it from The Spoiler, that’s not a 24/7 job, it’s 25/8.

And unfortunately, history dictates that eventually they [...]

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Wise Words?

Mancini channels spirit of Oasis to calm everyone down

Non-gibberish Oasis lyric uncovered by Italian

Noel Gallagher 

As a foreigner in new surroundings, it’s important to at least try to blend in with your new friends and neighbours. The Danish footballer Jan Molby famously did this by adopting a very local Merseyside dialect called “Carragher” during his Liverpool days.


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VOTE: Would you have Robinho at your club?

Jinking Brazilian struggling to find a home


Once the figurehead of Manchester City‘s petrodollar revolution, Robinho‘s £32m shine has dulled significantly at Eastlands. So far limited to 539 fairly unspectacular minutes of football this season, the forward has failed to shake off the tag of being useless on the [...]

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