Arsenal boss may regret Serie A baiting reaction to RVP rumours

So if Italian clubs are rubbish and Spain’s aren’t keen that leaves…


The Spoiler is often reluctant to direct its daggers at Arsene Wenger when he errs as there is so much to admire about him, but if he wants to go poking his tongue out at our favourite league then a line has clearly been crossed.

Admittedly, if one of his key Serie A criticisms relates [...]

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Tough start for glamour guys in Euro 2012 top scorer skirmish

Robin van Persie revives WC2010 form, Miro Klose tries the bench


Few foresaw Russia and Croatia providing the pacesetters in the Euro 2012 top scorer marathon and most who did likely fancied best league in the world-tested Roman Pavlyuchenko and Nikica Jelavic over Alan Dzagoev and Mario Mandzukic.

Their delight was characteristic of a first weekend in which, in keeping with international tournament tradition, several high-profile [...]

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What would you do – if you were Arsenal striker Robin van Persie?

Stay? Go? Raise an ambiguous thumb in both directions?


Inspired by the 21st century Bohemian Rhapsody – the City High single with the above name – The Spoiler plans to sample the shoes worn by those certain to feature in the summer’s biggest and most boring transfer sagas over the next few weeks, having a dabble at career guidance counselling.

Robin van Persie, the [...]

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Revealed: the real reason behind Arsenal’s dramatic recent revival

How announcer learning players’ surnames saved Arsenal’s season


There are several theories as to why Arsenal have gone from sailing along in summer holiday mode to sudden favourites for fourth with a decent chance of overhauling Tottenham.

Some will link it to the absence of Aaron Ramsey, as anonymous as Robin van Persie has been brilliant in recent months. Others will point to [...]

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shaken, not stirred

Arsenal use tracking devices to spy on their players… sort of

There is no escape…


The best thing about the launch of a new product that is being promoted by lovely footballers is that the lovely footballers actually speak to people for longer than two seconds – as long as you carry a little paragraph at the end saying something [...]

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