Robin van Persie fights ankle injury with placenta

Striker turns to pony guts for injury relief…


Injured Arsenal striker Robin van Persie is to fly to Serbia to undergo a radical treatment which will involve rubbing fluid from a placenta into his hurt ankle.

As far as The Spoiler can remember from its Biology lessons, the placenta [...]

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Place Your Bets, please

The Premier League spread betting preview

Some expert advice for the weekend’s activities from Sporting Index

Stoke/ Manchester Utd

In case you hadn’t noticed, all the cool kids are making their ritual viewing of Soccer Saturday a little more interesting with the help of spread betting. Our friends at

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Emmanuel Adebayor goes to war with former Arsenal team-mates over footwear

Striker’s shoe fetish caused rifts at Emirates


The private beef which caused Emmanuel Adebayor to moonwalk over Robin van Persie’s face a fortnight ago has been revealed to be the same reason he fell out with Nicklas Bendtner last season – an unhealthy shoe obsession.

According to the News [...]

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