Man City XI

Is this Roberto Mancini’s dream Man City XI?

Hmmm, not bad, not bad…

Man City

In one of the more long-winded transfer sagas of recent memory, James Milner has finally made his way to Man City for a preposterous amount of money for a young chap described by some as “a poor man’s Owen Hargreaves”.

Might Mancini’s [...]

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Transfer Talk

Robinho to Barca, Ozil to Real, and everyone fancies Jenas

Who’s this bit of hot property?


News filtering in this morning suggests that Craig Bellamy has done the unthinkable and returned to his Cardiff roots. On a totally genuine note, this is a massive loss to the Premier League, and it could also come back and bite Mr Mancini on [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool man linked with Barca, and Robinho update…

Clue: he’s in this picture


Those still reeling for the Crouchie-pays-for-sex debacle that totally ruined Abbey Clancy’s weekend might be interested to know that she’s sought advice from Toni Terry – JT’s rather put upon baby mama/wife.

Crouchie, without wanting to speak too soon, it looks like you got [...]

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Transfer News

Both Robinho and Adebayor clawing at the Man City exit

Not what they were?

Robinho and Adebayor 

In a pitch perfect football recreation of life as one of Hugh Hefner’s chosen stable of bed partners, it seems that both Robinho and Adebayor sense that their opportunities to satisfy their boss sexually are seriously dwindling – especially with so many [...]

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Great news, Man City – Robinho’s coming home!

Welcome back, Robinho!


If you happened to be in Manchester during late January, there’s a good chance that you heard the sound of muffled screams soundclashing with an almighty groan, and a loud cheer.

Don’t worry – it was just the mixed opinions about Robinho being perfectly encapsulated by noise.

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