Has Di Matteo been trapped into a loveless marriage by Chelsea?

The jobs have dried up leaving Italian with little choice but to stay


If The Spoiler looked good enough in a suit to sample Roberto Di Matteo’s shoes, we’d have darted from Stamford Bridge a fortnight or so after the Champions League final when they still couldn’t decide whether or not he was worthy of remaining in charge.

The Swi-talian’s loyalty to the club – or possibly just [...]

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Johnson’s bad knee, Roman’s millions, Beckham’s tears…

David Beckham – emotional

David Beckham 

Whilst the majority of the planet busily arranges an evening of unbelievable binge drinking, hand holding, singing of old songs, and drunkenly attempting to tongue kiss as many people as possible just because it’s midnight and you’re a bit horny, important sports journalists [...]

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St. Didier of Drogba gives £3m to build hospital

Not his own one to ‘recover’ from his many ‘injuries’, it’s for charity drogba.jpg

The Spoiler can’t quite put our finger on it, but Didier Drogba has been strangely likable this season (discount last Sunday’s impromptu Harlem Shake if you want.) Perhaps it’s the undeniably prodigious goalscoring, or [...]

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