The Big Question

VOTE: Should Harry just let Pavlyuchenko go?

Come one, Redknapp, enough’s enough… 


Like a sobbing child at a birthday party who has spent the whole afternoon throwing up in a flowerpot, Pavlyuchenko is now desperate to put an end to his ongoing Spurs humiliation by going home to Russia. And yet Henry Redknapp just won’t let [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Early birthday prezzie for Darren Ferguson…

“Thanks Dad!”

Darren Ferguson

Sweet baby Moses, Mondays can hit a man in the underpants, as the heady weekend hours of boozing in some glitzy high street wine bar, then snogging a stranger’s mouth for twenty minutes in a doorway before puking and stumbling home become just a beautiful distant [...]

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News in brief

Johnson’s bad knee, Roman’s millions, Beckham’s tears…

David Beckham – emotional

David Beckham 

Whilst the majority of the planet busily arranges an evening of unbelievable binge drinking, hand holding, singing of old songs, and drunkenly attempting to tongue kiss as many people as possible just because it’s midnight and you’re a bit horny, important sports journalists [...]

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Transfer News

Bentley and Pav won’t go on the cheap, says Redknapp

Pavlyuchenko – showing signs of unhappiness, apparently


It’s never really been in doubt that David Bentley and Roman Pavlyuchenko will be rocketing towards the Spurs exit in January. The former signed his death warrant about a week ago, when he upset Harry by dicking around in a practice match.

And [...]

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The Big Question

Who would win in a Babel/Pavlyuchenko trade-off?

“Not Voronin huh? How about Babel?”

Benitez and Redknapp 

Anyone who has ever entered the realms of a trade-off knows that the key is to come away with a better deal than your opponent. Kids have been partaking in this ancient playground ritual for years, using football stickers, marbles, cigarettes, cola bottles, [...]

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Video: Who is the Premier League’s best number 9?

Pick your favourite player who wears the revered squad number

The best Premier League Number Nine

Calendar enthusiasts will be aware that today is 09/09/09, which is easily the most significant day in the Gregorian system since 07/08/09. In celebration of this tremendous occasion, we’re [...]

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