A dreadful pun

Would the Real/Slim Ronaldo please weigh-in?

Top entertainment…

Calling the Real Ronaldo the Real Ronaldo upsets a lot of people who love the Fake Cristiano Ronaldo, but differentiating by calling him Fat Ronaldo has never [...]

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nappy news

Ronaldo was still great even when he had “accelerated evacuations”

Photoshop wizardry ronaldonappy1.jpg

The Spoiler can say with some certainty that there will have been a moment in your adult life when you’ve thought ‘bloody hell, I’m a fully grown adult and I’m actually going to go to the toilet in my trousers.’ Horrible, innit?

You may have been [...]

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A tribute

The Real Ronaldo decides to call it a day

You will be missed, Sir


The Spoiler was just a whipper-snapper when Ronaldo first came to our attention and he absolutely blew our tiny little mind. He was unbelievably strong, quick and skilful – he’s what Jonah Lomu could’ve been if he’d not lived in New Zealand and [...]

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Transfer Stuff (ish)

Enrique to Liverpool, Cheryl and Ashley to Dubai, and more…

Cheryl and Cheryl cheryl.jpg

Fulham are hosting Chelsea this evening in a game that all sub-editors around the country are praying ends in a huge win for one of the sides so the ‘St. Valentine’s Day massacre’ headlines can be trotted out.

Anyway, Fulham have beaten Chelsea just once in [...]

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