Bet of the day

Enliven those boring World Cup games by placing bets!

Mr Fancy’s “hairscape”


Rather disappointingly the World Cup appears to be hamstrung by each team’s deep suspicion of what that bloody ridiculous ball might do next, so if the players aren’t going to make this thing exciting, then you will have to look for ways to do [...]

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Special Effects

A zany video of Fat Ronaldo throughout the years

The changing faces of Ronaldo

Here at The Spoiler technology is king. So, as you can probably imagine, there are nifty little gadgets and terrifying gizmos all over the place. Even [...]

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Cicinho lifts lid on life at Real Madrid – he HATED it!

Cicinho – deeply unhappy


Many players probably sit around drawing pictures of themselves in crayon wearing a shiny Real Madrid blouse and hotpants, dreaming of one day turning out at the Bernabeu, but if Cicinho’s latest grumblings are anything to go by, you’d be better off getting all Hieronymus Bosch about [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Is Rooney now one of the planet’s best?

“I’m amazing!”

Wayne Rooney

In the last twenty years or so, England have threatened to produce a “great”. Gazza was alright for a bit, Beckham had the profile, but not the pace. And certain members of the vast Spoiler offices insist that McManaman could have been up there, given [...]

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