Let’s see what your favourite footballers are doing today

You’ll never stop them all, Sir Alex


We’re in the middle of January, and true to form the weather is shit and absolutely nothing is going on. Like us, you may be wondering what young, moneyed professional footballers do in times like these?

De facto leader of the [...]

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Injury of the Day

Video: The incorrect way to defend a throw-in

Young man suffers at the hand of an acrobat

Premier League stars looking for a way to defend Rory Delap’s penetrating throw-ins should probably avoid seeking advice from this [...]

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Throw-In Specialist

Rory Delap touted for javelin event at 2012 Olympics

Stoke man could use freakish arm strength at the next Games

Rory Delap and his javelin

Having seen that he can throw a football further than most people walk in a lifetime, Ireland’s Athletics head honchos believe Rory Delap’s skills could be transferred to the art [...]

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Tony Pulis hits back at Arsene Wenger’s “cowards” jibe

Stoke boss quotes Abraham Lincoln in website riposte

“Most Managers up and down the country are very protective of their Football Clubs and that protection is usually at its height in “after game interviews”, where we defend our team’s performances and our players’ mistakes in every way possible – from blaming referees not [...]

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