Three managers who won’t make it to the end of the season

This article is an Owen Coyle-free zone folks...


They might last beyond Christmas, but it’s going to be tough for these three under-pressure bosses to hang on until May…

Steve Kean (2/5 not to last season, Stan James)

Blackburn’s recent improvement – four losses in eight compared to five in seven, since you asked – reminds The Spoiler of our recent [...]

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straight talking

Daniel Agger doesn’t believe in mincing his words

Daniel Agger is fast becoming one of The Spoiler’s favourite players. Not only does he have a massive Sistine Chapel-mocking Viking burial ground tattooed on his back (really) but he’s started to cut through the BS of the EPL with some straight talking.

About Liverpool under Roy Hodgson he said:

“Look at the team – [...]

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The big question

Liverpool fans, is it time to get rid of Kenny Dalglish?

He was supposed to swoop in and save the day, but so far he’s acheived a zero per cent winning record, and Liverpool have looked EVEN MORE UNINSPIRED. People of The Kop, is it time to put an end to this misery and get Souness back? Or Thompson? Or Roy Evans?

Let us know your thoughts [...]

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Speak Now

Liverpool fans, who do YOU want to replace Hodgson?

As he slides bloodily down his sword, it must now only be a matter of time for Hodgson – a weekend trip to Manchester isn’t exactly ideal.

According to the papers, Didier Deschamps has suddenly lurched forward to pointlessly declare himself NOT INTERESTED in the job – joining a lengthy list of other people who aren’t [...]

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Back Seat Management

Do Hodgson’s job for him – pick YOUR Liverpool XI

Daring? Yes. Bonkers? Perhaps.

Liverpool FC

They say that fortune favours the brave – which is basically a more womanly way of declaring “he who dares wins” – so The Spoiler is taking a big throw of the dice with a new look Liverpool.

Three at the back, Glen [...]

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Tough Guys

The Spoiler’s Roy Hodgson caption competition

Would you dare to sack this man?


The Spoiler was initially intending on putting together a scrapbook of Roy Hodgson’s happier times in football, when we stumbled across this rather harrowing image, and deemed it too powerful to leave alone.

Is he at an East End bus stop?

Captions [...]

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The Big Debate

Debate time: Where did it all go wrong for Liverpool?

No Roy, there shan’t be a statue


Like an old lush dining out on the same pub anecdote for years and years until what was once a thrilling tale has become a rather sorry lament, Liverpool’s glory years are fast becoming a depressing footnote for a [...]

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