The Big Question

Vote for the worst Liverpool manager of all time

After a dreadful Christmas turd against Wolves last night, the fans are once again shouting “Kenny, Kenny, Kenny” from the stands. Begging the question: is Hodgson the worst Liverpool manager to come along in the post Shankly-Paisley-Fagan-Dalglish era?

Statistics happen to suggest that he’s the worst for fifty years, but as an infuriated Spoiler reader [...]

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The Big Question

Liverpool fans: Rafa or Roy?

As in “who would you rather have?”

Rafa and Roy 

After chucking his toys from the pram, Benitez looks set to get an Inter Milan loafer in the backside in the next couple of days, meaning he’ll probably be after work in the new year.

Liverpool fans, would you [...]

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Make money on Gerard Houllier’s return to Anfield

Great times…

Gerard Houllier

For those wondering, no, Gerard Houllier has not been back to Anfield. Not in any official capacity anyway. He might have nipped back to pick up some branded fountain pens and a carton of smokes that he’d left in Rafa’s office, but this will be the first chance [...]

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News just in – everybody in Liverpool hates Roy Hodgson

Ahh, cheer up, Roy

Roy Hodgson

Liverpool would have been a technicolour hub of excitement on Saturday night, because Rebecca from X Factor did a song by The Beatles. Here’s why that’s amazing:

1. She’s from Liverpool.

2. So were The Beatles.

Had she popped in some Cilla Black [...]

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Rafa Benitez has a pop at clueless Roy Hodgson

Featuring flips, flops, priests and sugar mountains


Rafa Benitez has fired a stinging attack at under-pressure Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson, claiming he ‘doesn’t understand.’

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