Lookie Likie

Carly Zucker IS Rock’n'Roll

Eddie Cochrane/Carly Zucker

Carly Zucker

Carly Zucker doesn’t just want to be seen as Joe Cole’s slimline resting place, you know – this girl takes her fashion very seriously. So much so that she can now be found sporting a retrospective Eddie Cochrane cut which weighs [...]

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Lookie Likies

Joey Barton bites singer’s style

Roy Orbison, Joey Barton


Watching Joey Barton pop on some gigantic shades and wander freely about the streets after weeks behind bars triggered something in The Spoilers active imagination. Where had we seen that guy before? It wasn’t long before we realised it was Mr Pretty Woman himself, [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 105: Adelina Elisei

Bringing a smile to Romanian faces in the Group of Death

With Italy, the Netherlands and France in their group, Romanians can’t be too hopeful of making it to the knockout stages of Euro 2008. Their departure may not make a great deal of difference to the neutral observer, but for [...]

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