Genius or Weirdo?

Rugby man shows how to post-match interview

Premier League managers, take note

Rugby – it’s just thirty men having a hug/fight. Still, when it comes to cutting through the post-match bullshit, Saracen’s boss Brendan Venter has [...]

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I Belong to Egg Chasing

Kaka gets confused

Incorrect ball shape baffles Brazilian

Kaka and Dan Carter

“It was difficult kicking the oval ball for the first time, but after a few attempts I was able to direct it where I wanted.”


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WAG of the day

WAG No. 196: Kelly Brook

Her measurements are 34 GG, or something like that… 

Having tired of Billy Zane’s endless Shakespearian monologues, Kelly Brook has decided that a rugby player’s brand of wit and repartee would make for just the tonic. Hence, she’s been caught draping herself about the arm of England’s great hope for the [...]

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Hotness Contest

Help settle the Bux/Brook debate once and for all

Kelly Brook, Danielle Bux

We don’t need to tell you that Danielle Bux and Kelly Brook are beautiful women, it’s all there for you to see. One sultry, with smoky eyes, and hands still slippery from rubbing oil into Gary Lineker’s tanned thighs. The other cheerful and bosomy, because [...]

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