WAG of the Day

WAG No. 102: Felicia Field-Hall

Posh-named lady you may see hanging around Adams Park

With their cauliflowered ears, barbaric day jobs and propensity to dip their genitals into the beverages of their associates, rugby players tend not to score as well as their preened footballing counterparts on the WAG front. However, London Wasps and England [...]

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Six Nations - Scotland/ England

Six Nations: Scotland playing for pride when England visit

Six Nations, Sat 8 March, 3.15pm, BBC1, bet here


Over the last few years the sleek gentlemen who run English rugby have made much of the need for “elite performance”, untroubled by the fear that Director of Elite Performance is possibly the most pompous job title since [...]

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Professional athletes on mission to spoil Christmas

Tis the season for sportsmen all over the country to behave like idiots


Great, it’s Christmas, everyone will be full of cheer. The only downer is that when the free grog is flowing, easily-led sportsmen tend to come unstuck and morph into animals. Welcome to shaming season – Henson, [...]

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