The Spoiler’s Greece v Czech Rep and Poland v Russia fancies

Predicting more Group A goals and Greece stereotype shredding


Greece v Czech Republic

Jonathan Wilson, a man who knows far more than The Spoiler about Czech football and, well, most things, still fancies the Czech Republic to qualify and deemed the Russia result a tad misleading, but we’re going to shun his superior wisdom and side with Greece.

Their initial opponents Poland may well [...]

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A look at Russia’s proposed World Cup 2018 stadiums

This’ll be the 45,000 seater stadium greeting visitors to Kazan


The nation has spent so much time crying its eyes out over FIFA‘s recent World Cup 2018 hosting vote, The Spoiler would bet 90% of fans don’t even know what sort of fancy new stadiums the Russians are planning [...]

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Place your bets

2018 World Cup presentations over, last chance to gamble!

“Kneel before Zod!”

Prince William

For those who missed it, that was some dynamite television.

To summarise: for Holland/Belgium, Cruyff complained about fat kids, they showed a Poirot film, then Gullit attempted to flog bikes to Fifa, explaining that “bikes are not a gimmick”.

Spain/Portugal stood staring at their [...]

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A guide

World Cup 2018 bid – let the schmoozing commence!

“I want to be able to see my face in that sign!”


After the small furore thanks to an intriguingly timed episode of Panorama, and then yesterday’s hot photos of Britain’s Next Male Model finalists – Prince William, Davids Beckham and Cameron – boarding an Easyjet to Zurich, there’s [...]

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Weekend preview: World Cup 2010 UEFA playoffs

Let’s get ready to rumble…


Ignoring England‘s ridiculous, money-spinning, injury-ravaged jaunt to Brazil; and the baffling decision to put the first friendly anyone might have given a toss about for ages firmly out of physical reach of the average fan, there are some actually important games going on this [...]

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