World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Holland

Beware the men in orange, world


Today, it’s the turn of the Dutch side. Also known as Holland, also known as The Netherlands. Like the rapper, Puff Daddy, no one is ever entirely sure how to address them. The Spoiler likes Holland best. Anyway, who the hell are these people, [...]

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World Cup Fever

Some big names miss out on World Cup selection…

Benzema - still “the new Zidane”?


After a look at the named squads for the World Cup, one or two players are notable for their absence. Dunga, as predicted, has left Ronaldinho out in the cold, along with Adriano and Pato. The kibosh has also been put in Ruud van Nistelrooy’s [...]

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Ruud van Nistelrooy likes CHOCOLATE on PIZZAS!

“Yep, deep pan, please… extra pepperoni… chocolate…”

Ruud van Nistelrooy

As a general trend, children have been banned from kitchens. A wise move. Otherwise, you’d be eating dinners consisting of baked beans and jelly tots, or medium rare steaks, served on a bed of custard, garnished with [...]

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Transfer News

Redknapp spotted wining and dining Van Nistelrooy’s agent

Ruud – good signing for Spurs?

Ruud van Nistelrooy

Away from the muddy pitches and changing rooms that smell of Deep Heat and wet socks, the world of football is a glamourous one. It’s all cordoned off cocktail drinking areas in wine bars, personal shoppers, and snazzy dinners.


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Transfer Update

Transfer news: Zaki’s back, and Robinho’s off!

“Hello Hull!”

Amr Zaki

It wasn’t so long ago that Spartacus-lookalike Amr Zaki looked tailor-made for the Premier League. Dave Whelan, Wigan’s chairman, thought he was a bit like Alan Shearer, and his then-manager Steve Bruce used big words like “awesome” to describe the Egyptian.

Then it all went [...]

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Transfer News

Transfer news: Chelsea and Liverpool updates, and more…

Fellaini – moving South?


Whilst the rest of the nation stands by the window pointing at the snow and nudging one another, hard working sports journalists only know that it’s Winter at the moment because there is a soft breeze blowing in from another kind of window – the [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool fancy van Nistelrooy, but no one fancies Babel

Hey Ruud, why the long face?

Ruud van Nistelrooy

It’s a tale of two Dutchmen over at Anfield, as Liverpool attempt to untangle their season by offloading a few bad apples, whilst simultaneously bringing in a proven set of scoring slippers.

The word from today’s Daily Mail is [...]

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Transfer News

Three strikers who could reinvigorate Arsenal

It MIGHT be you…

Marouane Chamakh 

Arsene Wenger is not a happy bunny. Van Persie is out, probably for the rest of the season. He’s been having a pop at national coaches for buggering up his players during an important segment of the campaign.

So, what would cheer the [...]

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