Carlos Tevez is warned not to leave Manchester United

It all goes wrong when you exit Old Trafford, just ask these guys

Ruud van Nistelrooy and Diego Forlan

Manchester United chief executive David Gill has arrogantly suggested that Carlos Tevez’s career will go downhill if he walks away from Old Trafford.

He said: ”The game [...]

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Lying Scotsman

Sir Alex Ferguson reveals his hardest ever football decision

No no no, this can’t be right…

Park Ji-Sung

In his long impressive managerial career, Sir Alex Ferguson has fashioned himself as a ferocious Braveheart figure, ruling his kingdom with an iron fist tucked inside a gorgeous velvet glove. And he’s had no problem slamming it down on player’s [...]

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Rebel Rebels

The ‘fallen out with Alex Ferguson’ XI

Eleven men, all hated by one man

Sir Alex Ferguson

United players fall into two distinct camps: the ones Sir Alex will personally visit over Christmas for a cuddle – Giggs, Irwin, Solksjaer, Neville, Scholsie – and those he’ll spy on from a nearby tree, whispering profanities under [...]

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'Homely' Footballers

The Euro 2008 Ugly XI

The Spoiler considers Euro 2008′s aesthetically challenged stars

If the 1997 Oscar-winning Italian World War II film Life Is Beautiful taught us anything, it’s that beauty can be found even in the darkest of circumstances. Yet sometimes, even the beautiful game is plagued by the ‘handsomely impaired’. What follows is a squad that may be [...]

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