Transfer News

Ryan Babel opens his mouth and football secrets fall out

Having already proved himself to be far too much of a blabbermouth to be trusted with a Twitter account, there could yet be a case made for Ryan Babel being gagged from doing interviews as well.

As noted by our pals at Pies, football’s most pro-active gossip was having a friendly chat with the Dutch [...]

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Time to STFU?

A word of advice to Ryan Babel and Glen Johnson – sshhh…

Howard Webb MBE


As you read this, Ryan Babel and Glen Johnson are probably sitting in an office, mumbling to Kenny Dalglish that Twitter is like, sort of this thing, where you write stuff that you think, and then people can, like, you know, read [...]

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Important Twitter News

Ryan Babel attacks Benitez via the medium of Twitter

Ahhh, great times

Babel and Benitez

Some of you mightn’t have had the pleasure yet, but if you get a chance, you must visit Ryan Babel’s Twitter page. If only for an insight into what kind of messages bored millionaires deem important to preach to their followers.

Recent [...]

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Transfer Announcement

Real Madrid man announces Liverpool move on Facebook

A great spot from our pals at Pies

Royston Drenthe

Of course, in the parallel universe known as “cyberspace” there are no secrets, so whilst Liverpool appear to be keeping schtum on any recent transfer activity, the Dutchman Royston Drenthe thought he’d throw caution to the wind, and announce his [...]

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Ryan Babel’s intriguing story about swimming trunks

Find out why he lost so many followers…

Ryan Babel 

There is a common misconception that every single human being has a decent book in them. They don’t. Even some popular authors called things like Dan Brown don’t have a decent book in them.

That’s because, believe it or [...]

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