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Clichy to Liverpool, Cahill to Spurs and more…



Apparently the Daily Star has run a Ryan Giggs story on their front page for the past 14 days.

We’re not bothered about footballers in the front of the paper though – not today at least – and instead we’re heading straight to the back for a look [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Kn*bhead of the Season



The final Spoiler Award is one that is very close to our heart and perhaps the most difficult one to win.

With football full to the brim with people who can, for many different reasons, be branded with the red-hot iron of kn*bheadery, this award has provoked [...]

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Previously on Football...

The Spoiler awards – Biggest Mistake of the Season

Faces for the radio…


This season hasn’t all been great goals and magic matches and stuff like that. Unfortunately, there have also been plenty of things happening that shouldn’t have happened.

In fact, there have been so many things that have gone wrong this season past, that The [...]

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see no evil, hear no evil

Alex Ferguson tries to ban reporter for asking Giggs question

The Enforcer…


The Spoiler has been to a couple of press conferences where there has been the biggest elephant you could ever imagine hanging around in the corner, daring someone to mention him.

Generally the journalists will ask every vaguely relevant question they could ever dream of before everyone [...]

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Manchester United are in the final of the Champions League!

The masked man


Bloody hell, Manchester United were good last night, weren’t they? Admittedly Schalke offered the sum total of eff all, but most of the credit should go to Sir Alex Ferguson and his band of ‘average’ players.

Michael Carrick was absolutely brilliant, Ryan Giggs was super and [...]

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Man Utd v Chelsea stuff

Man Utd are through. Torres is rubbish. Giggs is brilliant



That was more like it, wasn’t it? After a pretty boring couple of days in the normally mental world of football, Man Utd’s win over Chelsea at least threw up a few talking points.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest talking points is [...]

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