He Bangs the drums

The past was his, the future’s his, you’re all out of time…

Photoshop wizardry…


What do you get the man who has everything? That’s the question that will have plagued the Manchester United boys when deciding what to get Ryan Giggs to commemorate his 20-years of service at Old Trafford.

In the end – according to the Daily Star – they [...]

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Where's G.Nev when you need him?

Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs show their stroppy side

Yea, laugh it up, boys…


Gary Neville has only been gone a few days and already his calming influence and legendary BANTER are being missed by Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

The remaining members of the Class of ’92 showed how much they miss him by being all [...]

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Man Utd old guard offered one last big payday in Middle East

Giggsy, GNEV and Scholsey stand to make a lot. of. money.


Manchester United‘s aging stars are being lined up to make big money moves to Middle Eastern clubs, with Ryan Giggs reportedly being offered £200,000 a week to finish his career in Dubai.

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Crystal Ball

The Spoiler’s 10 Premier League 2010/11 predictions

Yes, welcome back, Newcastle fans


Get really excited everyone – the Premier League is back! This is wonderful news, and hopefully a couple of decent weekends will blow away the awful cobwebs left behind by a very disappointing World Cup.

After the jump, you can enjoy ten predictions of things [...]

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