Classy Gentlemen

Some lovely pictures of Man United in New York

Oh God! That’s Ryan Giggs! In New York!

United in New York 

For anyone new to the site, here’s the deal: earlier in the week, in a moment of mindlessly flicking through a discarded copy of OK! magazine, The Spoiler became unwittingly inspired.

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Naval Gazing

Becks wanted to be just like Giggsy… in a way

Regrets, he’s had a few

Beckham and Giggs

Anyone who has hit that rather sobering period known as the early-to-mid-30s will already be aware of the deep period of naval gazing that comes with realising that certain aspirations have grown ever limper and more withered beneath a giant dust cloud caused [...]

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Player of the year

And The Spoiler’s Player of the Year IS…

Ryan Giggs!

Ryan Giggs

Well, in the end there were no surprises really. Ryan Giggs – Sports Personality of the Year, PFA Player of the Year. Now The Spoiler’s Player of the Year.

It was close for a bit, with the first 1000 or so votes split evenly between [...]

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Player of the year

VOTE: The Spoiler’s Player of the Year, head-to-head

Two men, one prize… well, no ACTUAL prize… just pride

Drogba and Giggs 

What started as a longlist of 40 players was whittled down to a shortlist of just ten, and now the votes have been counted, and The Spoiler’s Player of the Year will be contested between Ryan Giggs [...]

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