Gardening Leave

Lucky Phil Brown granted permission to grow flowers…

Grab a trowel, Phil!

Phil Brown

As considerate human beings, people like to describe bad turns-of-events in nice, uplifting ways. Hence why doctors don’t stand in front of the bereaved, going on and on about how their loved one “is dead now”, or how they “just died screaming, with [...]

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Bye Bye

Portsmouth comfirm Tony Adams sacking

The most inevitable P45 of the season arrives at Fratton Park

Tony Adams

Prior to this weekend, only one thing was more certain than the fact that Emmanuel Eboue would be rubbish at White Hart Lane, and that is Tony Adams‘ departure from Portsmouth.

After just fifteen weeks in [...]

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Tyneside Gossip

How Mike Ashley helped Stephen Carr retire

Newcastle owner told Irishman where to stick it

Stephan Carr

Unless your name is Kevin Keegan or Mike Ashley, you’ll probably be aware that Stephen Carr has played for Newcastle since 2004. The under-used Irish defender, however, announced retirement from all forms of football earlier this month, following [...]

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Ill-fated Appointments

The ten worst Premier League managers of all time

Remember Blackburn, things could have been a lot worse

Egil Olsen

When Paul Ince became the sixth manager to pack his bags this season, Blackburn chairman John Williams cited the “onforgiving environment” of the Premier League as a reason for his departure. With this in mind, The Spoiler has [...]

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p45 Time

Paul Ince sacked

As expected, Blackburn get rid of their manager

Paul Ince

In a poll held last week, 51 per cent of Spoiler readers said Paul Ince wouldn’t make it to Christmas at Blackburn, and the slight majority were proved right today as the club let him go after [...]

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