Caption Competition

Samuel Eto’o gets some kind of sexy lapdance on telly!

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Eto’o and Ainett Stephens 

Quite frankly, foreign television stations have never made much sense to The Spoiler – it all just seems to be old men playing accordions, or women suddenly taking their breasts out when it seems totally inappropriate.


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The Big Question

It’s official – biting is much worse than headbutting

Dracula – unwelcome in football circles


For years, the debates have raged about which would be more unpleasant – to be on the receiving end of a ferocious headbutt? Or a frenzied tooth attack?

Finally, the FA has put paid to this particular argument, by issuing Ajax man Luis [...]

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The 10 most exciting players at the World Cup… for now

Yes, meet three of them

Ronaldo Kaka and Messi

Of course, a World Cup can make footballers, break footballers, or simply uncover magnificent attacking talent, and over the next few weeks one or two names will surely be introduced into the global vernacular.

In England [...]

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Money Matter$

Samuel Eto’o takes legal action against Barcelona

Greedy Cameroonian demands 15 per cent share of transfer fee

Samuel Eto’o

Barcelona may have hoped they had seen the last of Samuel Eto’o when they offloaded him to Inter Milan in exchange for a massively-overrated-yet-currently-free-scoring Swede, but the Cameroonian striker is causing more headaches in Catalonialand.

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Money Matter$

Who is the highest paid manager in the world?

It’s FC Bunyodkor’s Gene Hackman look-alike Luiz Felipe Scolari!

Luiz Felipe Scolari

Since arriving in Italy, Jose Mourinho’s €11m salary has cemented his status as the best paid manager in the world. This morning, however, it has been revealed that The Special One’s huge remuneration package has been eclipsed [...]

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