Transfer stuff

Sandro to Barcelona, Aguero to Chelsea, and other stuff…

Kerr – A mother and a woman


According to the world’s second most popular news website, The Daily Mail Dot Com, Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr have been to an AIRPORT! With their baby! And he is totally cute!

Anyway, that kind of news might be enough [...]

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News in brief

Important news about Redknapp Snr, and more…

Football’s wheeler-dea… Harry! Where are you going?

Harry Redknapp

X Factor contestants will be avoiding black cats, ladders, and resisting the urge to punch mirrors in a fit of self doubt, with news that Cheryl Tweedy/Cole has decided to take her segment of the competition to Dorset during the bit [...]

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New Spurs signing Sandro finally turns up at the Lane

Brazilian ball-winner appears, two weeks late


With everyone at Tottenham waiting with bated breath to see if Rafael van der Vaart‘s last-minute transfer will be ratified, the unveiling of another one of the club’s summer signings, Brazilian defensive midfielder Sandro, has slightly flown under the radar.

Harry Redknapp, [...]

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Oh no! The Spoiler got MERK’D!

Cows – no laughing matter


People react to practical jokes in different ways. The more level-headed types can laugh it off, whilst others will bubble over, plot revenge that doesn’t even reflect the same level as the original practical joke. In courts of law, this can often be referred to [...]

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Farmyard news

Spurs fans to spend summer learning song about cows

Tell you who’d have no trouble milking this – Sandro


Whenever a new player joins a club, it can be a real ball-ache having to come up with a new song/chant just for them. Hence why most players with a double-syllabled surname simply have to make do with a [...]

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