The Sisterhood

10 beautiful, strong, independent, football women

Story depicted with arty football shot


Unfortunately, Andy Gray and Richard Keys have managed to take gender relations back a good few years with their astonishing attack on female intelligence. So, in a bid to prove that some men can appreciate women as not only equals, but also superiors, [...]

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Spanish Drama

Hey Sara Carbonero! STAY AWAY from Cristiano Ronaldo!

Back off!

Sara Carbonero

Cast your mind back through the sherry-glazed fug of the last couple of weeks, and you might remember that The Spoiler lifted the Real Madrid curtain to reveal that absolutely everyone seems to think that Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit of a [...]

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Beautiful Lady

A small World Cup gallery of football hotty, Sara Carbonero

Sara… with boyfriend lurking in the background

Sara Carbonero 

Here at The Spoiler, we know our place. The Spoiler is a niche site, comfortable like an old friend, yet still a fresh, vital and exciting hub of activity for those in the know.

But, when put up against big hitters like the [...]

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Iker Casillas behaves rather inappropriately on the news

OMG! He just kissed his girlfriend!

Rather cleverly, the BBC and ITV made a point of deploying ugly men who look exactly like toby jugs around the World Cup press areas, armed with probing questions about the match. That way, their live [...]

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