‘Love Rat’ Defoe breaks Danielle Lloyd’s heart

Premier League Playa of the Year dismisses relationship as a ‘fling’

Poor old Danielle Lloyd. Not only does she have to live her life in the pages of the Daily Star, but her most recent football lover has made her look like a chump in the same paper. Top “player” Jermain Defoe took up the [...]

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The Premier League's biggest player

Jermain Defoe parties with Danielle Lloyd and another ex-girlfriend!

This is all getting a bit weird now

UPDATE: The girl kissing Miss Lloyd in the pic is not Sarah Giggle (although the picture agency who sold me the pic still insist it is, and I’m reliably informed that she was present). It is in fact be popstar Mantana Manning, who has thus far managed [...]

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The World's Greatest Lover

See Jermain Defoe’s sexy new lady!

Portsmouth striker’s classy lass hits the town

sarah Giggle

Despite moving to the South Coast, Jermain Defoe simply can’t drag himself away from the scene at his favourite Gants Hill nightclub Faces. This is partially because he loves the music and ambiance, but mainly due to the fact [...]

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