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World Cup 2018 bid – let the schmoozing commence!

“I want to be able to see my face in that sign!”


After the small furore thanks to an intriguingly timed episode of Panorama, and then yesterday’s hot photos of Britain’s Next Male Model finalists – Prince William, Davids Beckham and Cameron – boarding an Easyjet to Zurich, there’s [...]

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Ex-Liverpool striker Craig Johnston delivers 12-page Jabulani rant to Sepp Blatter

Creator of the Predator football boot registers his disgust


The Jabulani World Cup match ball hasn’t found many friends this summer, being described at various points during the tournament as ‘dreadful’, ‘terrible’, ‘a catastrophe’ and even ‘supernatural’.

Now Craig Johnston, former Liverpool striker and inventor of the Predator football [...]

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Quick, England need a World Cup scapegoat! But who?

This man perhaps?


And lo, England had a shocker against the Germans, and that’s it for another World Cup. Will the likes of JT, Lampo, Steven G, Jamesie and the Cole Sisters ever get to play on such a big stage again? Sod that, who should we [...]

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