Just how bad were The Spoiler’s pre-season predictions?

Sunderland in the top six, Wolves in the top half and other errors


The Spoiler made ten pre-season predictions last summer. Now comes that awkward moment to look back and cringe…

Arsenal will, as always, finish in the top four Our faith in the profit-first, football-second Gunners was vindicated, kindly assisted by a typically Spursian slump, Andre Villas-Boas’ over-eagerness to overhaul and Liverpool being Liverpool. 1pt.

Sunderland will [...]

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Don’t rush home – first half hour of Man City game won’t be great

Make money on Tuesday night by betting on a goalless first 30 mins


According to our calendar, squeaky bum time is still two or three months away, but Manchester City are already starting to fidget rather awkwardly.

Having scored three or more goals in 12 of their 17 league games before Christmas, there has been no stuffing in sight since.

Indeed, West Brom and Sunderland were as undaunted [...]

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Argentina boss vindicated in decision to drop Carlos Tevez

Albiceleste claim fourth straight win without Tevez in the team

Carlos Tevez at the Copa America

The Spoiler loves a man prepared to take a risk and Argentina coach Sergio Batista did just that on Monday night by ditching the 4-3-3 formation that he had [...]

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Transfer stuff

Sandro to Barcelona, Aguero to Chelsea, and other stuff…

Kerr – A mother and a woman


According to the world’s second most popular news website, The Daily Mail Dot Com, Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr have been to an AIRPORT! With their baby! And he is totally cute!

Anyway, that kind of news might be enough [...]

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Transfer News

Chelsea target costly striker to take the heat off… a bit

There’s an old saying: when the going gets tough, spend, spend, spend. And while we completely made that up, it couldn’t be truer in the up-and-downy world of football.

So whilst Carlo Ancelotti recovers from the figurative kick in the bollocks he received from last night’s visit to Wolverhampton, he can take some hope from [...]

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News in brief

Gerrard’s discombobulated, and Fabregas might not go…

Steven Gerrard, right

Steven Gerrard

Well, John Terry can breathe a small sigh of relief, as his front page star begins to fade with news that the fashion designer Alexander McQueen decided to call time on it all, and will surely now dominate the red tops and broadsheets well [...]

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Transfer News

Transfer news: Chelsea and Liverpool updates, and more…

Fellaini – moving South?


Whilst the rest of the nation stands by the window pointing at the snow and nudging one another, hard working sports journalists only know that it’s Winter at the moment because there is a soft breeze blowing in from another kind of window – the [...]

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