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The Spoiler’s World Cup Team of the Tournament

And not an Englishman in sight…

Team of the Tournament

No doubt, a few of these choices will be considered to be rather contentious, especially with no place for Sneijder, Ozil or Robben. So it’s with a rather trembling typing hand that The Spoiler asks… ahem…


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Link Dump

Ramos as Aladdin, sacked managers, goals galore…

Also appearing on a computer near you

Sod this year’s X Factor vrs Rage Against The Machine codswallop, and relive the greatest Crimbo Number One of them all instead. You’ve got Collins [...]

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Homoerotic Update

Sergio Ramos poses for a gay magazine

Madrid star gives in-depth interview and fierce stare to Shangay

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos has busted out his trademark pouty-squinty pose for Shangay, a gay interest Spanish magazine.

Sergio Ramos

If you were wondering how long it took Ramos to [...]

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